Zeenath Hasan:
Mnemonic Cooking – Talk & Experience

Pleasures of the flesh titillate the senses. Dependencies linger and seem hard to shake off. Can hybrid, discursive doings shift the weak will?

Mnemonic Cooking transgresses rhetorics of the flesh to produce digestibles. A meal that is reminiscent of cooking meat, minus the meat.

Tenderize smoky carrots. Mince pink hummus. Tear strawberry leather. Inject bread.

Zeenath Hasan will offer a brief design talk followed by a snack for us to practice what we just learned!

About Zeenath

Zeenath Hasan, service designer, chef and social food badass, runs the kitchen lab Tapori Tiffins, an independent artistic research initiative that explores the social implications of food systems. She prototypes inclusive culinary futures through performative integrations of diverse agencies. You can experience her works through pop-ups, workshops, installations, public lectures, publications and ready meals. Find Zeenath online at Cultural Interventionista.

Zeenath Hasan is also the founder of the award-winning non-profit Rude Food Malmö, Sweden’s first food waste catering service. When she is not mobilizing resilient communities, she is educating future socially engaged designers.

Zeenath Hasan. Picture by Helena Bévengut-Lasson