Reclaim the Night, Club!

In just a few short years, French party makers WATO (WeAreTheOracle) have gone from underground resistance to the night club death of Paris to a multi million euro business – but  they retain their spirit of anarchy and commitment to creating unforgivable experiences.

In this talk from the 2014 Alibis for Interaction Masterclass, WATO founders Iris de Rode and Foulques Jubert take us through the history of their company, share case studies of their unforgettable parties, and discuss the importance of social media strategy in event design.

About Foulques

Foulques Jubert is the C.E.O. of WATO. He discovered his passion for organising parties through the student union of his Business school, ISTEC Paris, from where he has a Masters in event management. Incapable of only concentrating on serious studies, he escaped into his projects – getting involved with different types of associations that created events ranging from a car race in Morocco to student parties.
During his studies, Foulques did professional internships at Technoparade and Inox Park Festival, and realized that this was the line of business he should be in. Before creating his own company, he produced a research project, the World Party Tour (2010-2011) – a tour around the world’s most important festivals.
In 2011, he founded We Are The Oracle, which now has a staff of five.

About Iris

Iris de Rode is Dutch and lived in Utrecht and in Amsterdam before moving to Paris for her studies in 2012. In Holland she used to work in cultural event organisation, especially in Felix Meritis Amsterdam. She works part-time with Foulques on WATO projects.
In her other career, Iris is a PhD student. Her field of research is the French role in the American war of Independence and the influence of French Enlightenment ideas on the Americas in the 18th century. She teaches international relations at Sciences Politiques Reims and Paris.

Iris de Rode