Tomas Edman:
The Patient Journey: Experiencing The Interaction

Learning through lived experience is the fundamental approach of Experio Lab’s empathy stations as well as the basic ingredient of the Patient Journey Project carried out in the County Council of Värmland, Sweden.

Over eight weeks, 28 nurses, doctors and health care managers experienced entire health care journeys from ambulance to rehabilitation from the patient’s perspective. Three case files of real patients were used to map out the role-play in the respective scenarios.

Each discovery team acted out and documented these different patient and staff perspectives in context. Bringing to life the Deweyan logic of inquiry through intimate coupling of experience and reflection, the participants felt and embodied their patients’ perspectives. The process has empowered transformation within the County Council, through shifting the focus of both management and staff towards the holistic patient experience.

This process presents a practical way to actually perform the fundamental principles of Experio Lab: Curiosity and empathy for real people, courage to dream about a better future and collaboration to do something about it.

About Tomas

Tomas Edman heads Experio Lab with the aim to bring a Service Design approach to public services and re-evolving the way we innovate and solve complex problems in collaboration with patients and healthcare staff.

Experio Lab is a part of County Council of Värmland innovating healthcare through design.