Stine Ringvig Marsal:
Customer Journeys: Airport Experience Design

One of the infrastructure miracles of the Øresund region is Copenhagen International Airport – possibly the least frustrating airport in the world. In this exclusive talk, Stine Ringvig Marsal will reveal how customer journey mapping and design help drive the airport’s continued efforts to deliver great customer experiences for BTB and BTC customers: passengers, airlines, groundhandlers, consessionaries and tenants. Marsal will discuss how critical touchpoints are selected and how employees are included in driving the design of new standards. You will learn about retaining focus on the personal experience while designing on an immense scale – and never look at an airport the same!

About Stine

Stine Ringvig Marsal is the the Service Excellence Director for Copenhagen Airports. Throughout the past 10 years Stine has worked with sales, service design and customer experiences for some of the strongest Danish experience brands: Copenhagen Zoo, Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen Airports.

Picture of Stine Ringvig Marsal