Stefan Deutsch:
On Being Candid:
Creating Communication

Communication is never guaranteed to work. You might be presenting technology in front of an audience of 150 people, or discussing gender politics in a group of just five friends – given how often and easily communication breaks down it’s a wonder we ever reach an understanding.

So what is it that makes communication successful? How do we create good communication? It’s all about speaking freely, transparently and whole-heartedly.

This session will teach tools for creating such an atmosphere, whether in groups of more than a hundred people speaking about anything that pops into their minds, or in a meeting room presenting to the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company.

About Stefan

Stefan Deutsch is the founder of Reality Check, which creates interactive training and workshops. He finds role-play methodology just as useful for training East African tax officials as for preparing help workers for fieldwork in the global south.

For the last 20 years, Stefan has been presenting professionally in his role as a technical sales consultant. Just as long he has been creating interactive worlds and stories as a role-play and larp designer. Both trajectories have contributed to his skill in experience design.

Stefan is one of the original initiators of the Mittelpunkt conference in Germany, has written larp rules systems, and consults with Rollespils Akademiet, a Danish company specialising in blockbuster larp events. He currently lives in Tanzania with his wife and one-year-old daughter.