Sebastian Deterding:
Experience Allstars Hack the Meeting

This year we’re gathering an allstar panel of experience designers to hack, gut and recreate the most frustrating – but potentially most rewarding – element of any workday or creative process: the meeting.

We’ll start the session where advice on meetings usually ends, with a checklist of rules to make sure a meeting is what you actually need. Then our experts will throw their brains and skills at how to make the meetings meaningful, productive, professional, inspiring and socially safe.

WARNING: This session might change your worklife for ever!

About Sebastian

Sebastian Deterding is a designer and researcher working on playful, gameful, and motivational design. As independent designer and associate of the international design agency Hubbub, he has created persuasive applications touching millions of users for clients such as the BBC, BMW, Greenpeace, Otto Group, Xing, or Tribal DDB, as well as several startups.

An internationally sought after speaker, he has been invited to present at venues like Lift, Interaction, UX London, GDC Online, Games Learning Society, Web Directions, Playful, Persuasive, Google, IDEO, and Microsoft Research, and has been featured on TED. He is a reader/ senior research fellow at the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York (UK), heads the Gamification Research Network, and is co-editor with Steffen P. Walz of The Gameful World (MIT Press, forthcoming). His research on persuasive and playful design has been covered by The Guardian, The New Scientist, the Los Angeles Times and EDGE Magazine among others. He lives online at

Picture of Sebastian Deterding

Sebastian teaching rules of play at the 2014 Alibis for Interaction Masterclass.