Rebecka Eriksson:
Network Training – Hacking The Pack

Meeting new people is a scary proposition.

The reason for this – however difficult it is to remember in a room filled with lap top cases, name tags and business cards – is that humans are animals. We’re programmed to worry about pecking order and about belonging to the pack!

Luckily, we’re also self aware. In a situation designed to feel safe, we can rapidly face our instinctive fears, patch the programming and overcome shyness and awkwardness.

About Rebecka

Rebecka is a biologist an an experience designer. She is a founding partner of the event company Briza maxima AB, which delivers growth through experiences. Briza has created experiential concepts like the Carnevalesque: Retrostylish Extravaganza club nights and is one of the co-founders of the Alibis for Interaction network.

During fieldwork on Jamaica, in her first career as a biologist, Rebecka realised that the only real problem her beloved sea slugs and iguanas were facing was the fact that they share a planet with us humans. In the stark reality of Jamaica’s poverty, it was quite obvious that a just society that cares for its citizens is a necessity not just for humanity but for all the organisms around us, too. This insight started Rebecka on a path of engagement with education, environmental communication, democracy issues and strategic communications – everything she is working with today.

Rebecka is also one of the founders of the regional meeting and event industry organisation Skånska branschrådet för möten och event, which works to raise awareness of events as strategic communication. She is a board member of Marknadsföreningen i Malmö.


Network Circuit Training

Network Circuit Training is an Alibis for Interaction classic.

Participants are divided into three groups who each experience all three micro sessions on the craft of human interaction. At each station we learn a new skill and think about the design principles behind it. By the end of the circuit we have also gotten to know quite a few of the other participants!

Like everything else at Alibis, the social networking circuit is entirely voluntary. You can choose at any time just to leave or to not participate in the exercises. At Alibis, no one will ever force you to play. But we recommend physically going to these sessions and only deciding there whether to participate – because they tend to be fun, moving and/or really interesting!

Rebecka will host and introduce this year’s Networking track circuit, as well as running one of the pop-up sessions.