Rebecka Eriksson
The Experience Transformation Toolkit

An Experience Audit is a toolkit helping you to understand how your museum, event, store, service or office is actually perceived and experienced by your audience. Is the physical space facilitating what you want your visitors to experience? Do your employees create a warm, safe and professional environment so people dare to engage with them and with your products or services? Is all information available at the right place at the right time?
Rebecka and Bjarke will teach you how to look at your office, location or event with an experience design mindset! Then we will workshop and help each other to create the first steps of your own Experience Audit.

About Rebecka

Rebecka Eriksson started out as a biologist but was driven by her passion for the natural world into education and communication: there is nothing more harmful to her beloved organisms than a human making uniformed choices. She worked for a long time in the public sector as a ”democracy consultant”, facilitating citizen participation. Today Rebecka is an experience designer and communication strategist, focusing on the transformative potential of events and meetings. All of her experience design work rests on the fundamental understanding that humans are both biological and cultural beings.

Rebecka is a co-founder of the strategic event company Briza maxima AB, which helps clients maximize the impact of the physical interactions between a brand and the world. The company offers strategic consulting and branding through meetings and events.