Human Animals In Civilized Rooms

Experience designer Luisa Carbonelli joins Veronika Bartosch and Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski for a brief conversation about designing spaces for the human animal. Does spatial design have to happen early in the design process? How could we make hospitals better through sensory design? How do you prepare someone else’s space for a meeting?

We are biological beings, and the environment acts upon us in string and predictable ways. But how useful are such insights when trying to achieve complex emotional results like making someone moved, teaching them something or convincing them something is true?

About the Panelists

Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski works with scenography for events, work environments, museums/exhibitions and with scenography as happenings and co-created processes. Her company Alba Nowik Production often collaborates with other disciplines such as interaction designers, musicians or anthropologists.

She has designed ritual spaces for the celebration of naming, sensory walks for kids about death, total concepts for official events in public administrations, pop-up scenography as add ons for exhibitions, interior scenography for public institutions and private companies and a number of process spaces.

Veronika Bartosch is a Sensory Designer, Olfaction Expert, Business Advisor and Entrepreneur. She specialises in designing for the senses (smell, taste, sound, touch, sight, position, movement, language) to impact emotion, behaviour and well being, with a particular interest in integrating sensory communication (using the senses to communicate for a more appropriate response) with emotion-data analytics to create responsive environments and products that react to and interact with human emotions, needs and behaviour.

Veronika developed her expertise in Physiological Psychology, Behavioural Neuroscience, Olfaction and the Senses via independent scientific & consumer research and perfumery training. She holds a Masters from Columbia University and speaks five languages fluently. Her passions include downhill skiing, surfing, contemporary art and creating a better world.

Luisa Carbonelli is an experience designer with a background in theatre, museums and RPG. She is one of the founders of Briza maxima AB and part of the team behind Alibis for Interaction. As a scenographer and cultural producer Louisa stages events with dedication to creating conditions where people dare to participate.

Luisa uses the knowledge of our social codes, cultural narratives and humans as tactile/sensory beings to create physical and social spaces that support interaction and participation. She is a strong advocate for learning by experiencing and grown-up’s rights to play.


Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski, Veronika Bartosch, Luisa Carbonelli and Johanna Koljonen