Mark Pierson:
The Art of Curating Sacred Spaces for Engagement

Who knows how to create multi-sensory experiences that will lift your heart and move your spirit? Church people do!

We invited worship curator and faith-space designer Mark Pierson to Alibis for Interaction to talk about his work with ritual in a contemporary age.

About Mark

Mark Pierson (New Zealand) is part of a global movement curating contextualised, interactive worship events inside and outside the walls of church buildings. His approach to content-driven creativity comes from an understanding that the context is as important as the content. Pierson sees Christian worship as an artform and believes that developing a new common vocabulary and language to describe it is the only way the Church in the West will  move beyond its attachment to increasing irrelevance.

His most recent publication is “The Art of Curating Worship: Reshaping the Role of Worship Leader”, Sparkhouse Press 2010 (USA);  Canterbury Press, 2012 (UK)

Picture of Mark Pierson