Lisa Lindström: Making Every Meeting Count (And A Little Wonderful)

What if all meetings were productive? And some of them maybe even a little wonderful? Wouldn’t that make our work lives about a million percent better? Yes it would – so Lisa tells us how her agency designs meetings.

First, she says, prepare – but prepare the meeting, not the outcome of the meeting. Don’t just jot down a list of topics to be covered, think about whether the space you’re meeting in is the right context for the kinds of interaction you’re hoping to achieve.

Second, warm up. Establish presence and level hierarchies. How do you make everyone participate? How do you deal with emotional baggage they’re bringing into the room? How do you make a meeting honest and productive when some of the participants have more power than the others? (This fascinating topic is covered in even more depth during the audience questions towards the end of the clip, don’t miss out!)

And third? Try, try, try. Prototyping meeting design is essential to learn and excel, Lindström observes. You wouldn’t design anything else without prototyping it, right?

At one point in the talk Lisa Lindström refers to what she calls “the frame”, and at another point she says of the Future Glasses, “there are so many great words I learned today. Like ‘alibi’. Perhaps this is an alibi.” YES: That’s exactly what they are. If you’re curious about some of these words Lisa learned that day, why not take a look at the Introductory Experience Design lecture that started off the morning?

About Lisa

Lisa Lindström is managing director and a founder of the international service design agency Doberman. She also sits on several boards with old people in ties whose meeting culture often needs to be hacked.