Johanna Koljonen:
From Interaction to Participation

Johanna follows up the previous day’s introductory lecture with reflections on challenging food design, and a mini lecture on what participatory design and user journeys mean is in the context of designing transformative events.

About Johanna

Johanna Koljonen (b 1978) is a broadcaster, author, critic, media analyst and experience designer. She is an internationally renowned expert in Nordic larp, where her main design interests have been indexical representation and systems to enable safe participation. She teaches transmedia design for professionals and at university.

She hosts the science talk show as well as the TV-cirkeln aftershow, which she also co-created, for Swedish national television. She is a popular lecturer at and moderator of conferences and corporate events.

Johanna is a co-founder of Alibis for Interaction, as well as of the Stockholm-based Rundfunk Media AB production company, which makes public service radio, television and transmedia, and of the independent consultancy Johanna Koljonen AB.

Together with Andreas Ekström, Johanna is the author of Främling, a cultural analysis of Swedish pop phenomenon Carola. She writes the Oblivion High graphic novels for comic book artist Nina von Rüdiger and fiction for print, TV and the stage.

Picture of Johanna Koljonen