Jan Gunnarsson:
Hostmanship – Making People Feel Truly Welcome

Imagine a world where everyone feels welcomed and expected. A world where children and adults, friends and strangers, co-workers and leaders, customers and guests dare to meet each other with openness and trust. A world where our encounters are guided by dignity, mutual respect and compassion. A world where we connect through our similarities, and create welcoming and inclusive environments that appreciate our differences. This is the foundation for true and sustainable success for us as individuals, for our organizations, our societies and ultimately the planet.

”I´m not driving a bus, I give people a better day. I don´t see them as passengers but my guests, which turns me into a host, making my job really great”, says Peyman Nawab in one of Jan´s stories from the real world.

This inspiring, thoughtful and entertaining keynote is about greeting, meeting and treating everyone with respect, dignity and care and thereby creating value for the customer, our colleagues, the company and for oneself. The keynote is full of stories and examples from the real world combined with what research shows. The audience will be inspired to welcome everyone, always.

About Jan

After 25 years in a hectic career as a leader, CEO and entrepreneur, two panic attacks changed the course of Jan’s life. Instead of only chasing short term goals and deadlines he now wanted to explore what creates real and sustainable success for individuals and organizations. This led him to the fields of culture, values and relationships that everything rests on, and the development of The Hostmanship Philosophy as a way to harmonious individuals, organizations and societies. Now the Hostmanship idea is spread by books, lectures, workshops and Keynotes around the world. There are Hostmanship offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and Uganda – and counting!

Jan Gunnarsson is an international author and speaker who inspires people to cultivate a caring, inclusive and welcoming mindset and behavior. He has written 8 books and done over 1,700 presentations on Hostmanship – The Art of Making People Feel Welcome. Jan has 25+ years of experience from the Hospitality industry, working as CEO and Director for a host of companies. He is constantly educating himself and developing the field of Hostmanship. During 2014 Jan received his certificate from Stanford University School of Medicine as a teacher of compassion cultivation training.

Picture of Jan Gunnarsson