Fredric Öslöf:
Designing for Collaboration


Shared workspaces can be wonderfully creative – or a total nightmare of constant interruptions. When the municipality of Landskrona set out to transform 35 000 square meters of disused industrial space into the Fröfabriken studio collective, they needed to figure out how to do it right, and put Fredric Öslöf on the job. In this talk from the 2014 Alibis for Interaction conference, Fredric takes us through his journey to learn about space and creativity, as well as his ideas on designing for collaboration across the creative community.
Fröfabriken is a collaborative platform for art and creativity in the region. In its first phase of development, 1600 sq meters have been renovated to suit the workspace needs of artists, photographers, artisans and creatives with the future planned out to continue that work with the remaining space.

About Fredric

Fredric Öslöf is a PR Creative, putting his communication and strategic experience to work with companies like Media Evolution and Studio Total, focusing on research and strategic with  Landskrona Stad and serving as a national board member of

He also founded Sweden’s biggest pop music quiz and you can follow him through his website.