Fanny Bergström Buller:
Network Training:
The Postcard Connection

In this short networking session we will explore the power of sharing a postcard with a stranger, sharing a part of yourself in order to meet someone new. The Postcard Connection is about introspection rather than outrospection, to reflect upon yourself and build silent bridges between people in a group.

About Fanny

Fanny Bergström Buller is an experience designer and one half of the company Experience Design (ED) Sweden. She has a master in Professional Experience Production from Luleå University of Technology, where she also met her colleague and business partner Sanna Rådelius.

Since 2010 ED Sweden has explored the area of experience design from different perspectives. ED Sweden use experience design in order to create social change where they mostly work towards the public sector in areas such as citizen dialogue and destination development. ED Sweden believe that human centered processes and the love of experience is the way to rock the world.

”You need to dare to look beyond your own perspective and involve, include and activate the people your challenge actually concerns.”

Picture of Fanny Bergström Buller

Network Circuit Training

Network Circuit Training is an Alibis for Interaction classic.

Participants are divided into three groups who each experience all three micro sessions on the craft of human interaction. At each station we learn a new skill and think about the design principles behind it. By the end of the circuit we have also gotten to know quite a few of the other participants!

Like everything else at Alibis, the social networking circuit is entirely voluntary. You can choose at any time just to leave or to not participate in the exercises. At Alibis, no one will ever force you to play. But we recommend physically going to these sessions and only deciding there whether to participate – because they tend to be fun, moving and/or really interesting!

Rebecka will host and introduce this year’s Networking track circuit, as well as running one of the pop-up sessions.