Dan Ahtola:
How Scared Are You Willing To Get?

Hypnosis is used worldwide to create changes in mental patterns to make a better life easier. It’s also used to make people act silly on stage.

Stage hypnosis is all about simple, good, and sometimes cheap entertainment. The purpose is to give the audience a good laugh by setting the volunteer’s imagination and creativity free (and also lowering their inhibitions). They actually believe

they’re stuck to a chair, can speak fluent martian or that the audience is completely naked and they love it.

If hypnosis can be used to create positive emotions, it can also be used the opposite way. With conscious thinking out of the way, our minds are wide open to suggestions. How scared are you willing to get?

About Dan

Stage Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist Dan Ahtola has been taking audience participation to another level since 2013. The audience members are the stars, get the laughs and get to experience themselves and hypnosis from the inside. He uses hypnosis to control, direct and sometimes manipulate what happens on stage. Also, as a former pro wrestler, Dan is well aware of how easy it is to control the reactions and emotions of the audience.