Bite Me Crew:
Designing Food for a Purpose

Today all the buzz among food critics and bloggers is about communal tables, social meals and family servings. But there is much more to the social design of food experiences than bigger plates and unbalanced tables. And many more ways it can be brought into play for providing both content and interaction.

Bite Me Crew is going to challenge the frames of one of the social food institutions of Northern Europe: fika in Swedish, high (or low) tea in British or completely without a title in Danish – not that we dare to compare them otherwise.

We will play with different techniques that we use to apply food as a social tool and combine it with content from Alibis for Interaction and research into how people and food (and people) interact with each other. Afterwards there will be a short discussion and talk about the thoughts and techniques behind and the purpose of it all…

About Anastasia And Jonas

Anastasia and Jonas are the two founders of Bite Me Crew. They created this social food lab in 2012 while attending the Knowmads Business School of Amsterdam; in 2015 they launched Bite Me Crew in Copenhagen too.

Anastasia Dimitriadou grew up in a Greek restaurant family in Germany and studied business for a number of years in Vienna before getting into different techniques and models of facilitation. Jonas Søgaard Grøn has worked within NGOs since the age of 17 and since studied anthropology with a focus on education and conflict areas before doing a master on food and families in Copenhagen.

The crew is a gathering of creatives within fields of food research, experience design, food engineering and (project) facilitation, which enables them to cater or advice on unique food experiences for private celebrations, business gatherings and public solutions. They all meet around the belief that food itself could and should be part of the solution to challenges within health, social cohesion, sustainability and communication –whether in local neighbourhoods or for companies such as ING Bank and Electrolux.

Picture of Anastasia Dimitriadou