Andie Nordgren: From User Focus
To Participation Design

Shifting an organisation from ego-centric business models to a user-centered mindset is hard work. But it’s not enough. To match the real needs of the co-creative consumer/citizen/visitor/audience, stepping to a third level is absolutely necessary. That third level is designing for participant agency and for the participants’ interactions with each other. And that requires getting over your institutional ego.

In this closing keynote from the 2014 Alibis for Interaction conference Andie Nordgren from CCP Games offers tools to analyse where your organisation is on its journey towards a participation paradigm.

About Andie

Andie Nordgren is the Executive Producer for the science fiction roleplaying game EVE Online at CCP Games in Reykjavik, and a long time participant in the Nordic Larp discourse. She co-founded the Geek Girl Meetup conference series, produced the alternate reality game for award winning participatory drama The Truth About Marika, and has deep experience with designing both products and organisations for participation.