Andie Nordgren:
Experience Allstars Hack the Meeting

This year we’re gathering an allstar panel of experience designers to hack, gut and recreate the most frustrating – but potentially most rewarding – element of any workday or creative process: the meeting.

We’ll start the session where advice on meetings usually ends, with a checklist of rules to make sure a meeting is what you actually need. Then our experts will throw their brains and skills at how to make the meetings meaningful, productive, professional, inspiring and socially safe.

WARNING: This session might change your worklife for ever!

About Andie

Andie Nordgren is a designer of participation – in EVE Online, the vast participatory online space ship game she manages from Reykjavik, Iceland, in her organization at CCP Games, and in fields as varied as soldering and relationships. A previous speaker at Alibis for Interaction, as well as The Conference and Agile Iceland, she brings radical perspective on where our design focus should be.

She co-founded the Geek Girl Meetup conference series and the influential Nordic Larp Talks, produced the alternate reality game for award winning participatory drama The Truth About Marika, and has deep experience with designing both products and organisations for participation.

Picture of Andie Nordgren

Watch Andie’s talk about dropping institutional ego at Alibis for Interaction in 2014 and a shorter, developed version of the same thinking at The Conference in 2015.