Anders Skovgaard-Petersen
Building a Bridge Back to Reality

Whether you are  teaching a class, designing a commercial event, running an art experience, facilitating a workshop or hosting a summit you want the experience to spill over into the every day lives of the participants.

In order to change something in people you need to build a bridge from the special world of the event and into the ordinary world. This is the called ”transfer”; the challenge of moving knowledge, emotions or behaviour from one domain to another.

As a designer of change processes, workshops and learning tools, Anders has thought a lot about this challenge lately.

In a short presentation he will propose a handful of tactics you can use to make sure your participants get to bring the good stuff home.

About Anders

Anders is a partner and senior designer in Workz, the leading Danish change and involvement agency, where he also leads a team of graphic designers and production coordinators.

Anders mainly works with strategic storytelling, event and process design and the development of games and tools. He has an extensive experience of developing dialogue tools, serious games and communication concepts.

Before joining Workz Anders worked for seven years in Danish Broadcast (DR) doing youth oriented concept development, focusing on the community design, user-generated content and games.

Anders has a background in the Danish role-playing scene, where he has been active for more than 20 years as a storyteller and game designer. He lives in Copenhagen with his girlfriend and their family of up to four kids.