Alibis for Interaction 2016

One-Day Masterclass for Designers of Experiences, Services, Meetings and Cultural Events

From User Experience To Participatory Design

An ”interaction alibi” is a social excuse, object or setting that inspires and allows people to try new behaviours, go new places or experience new things. At Alibis for Interaction, we gather experience design professionals from different fields to share their best cases, stories and tools. Around them, we create contexts for all participants to really meet and truly share.

You will experience and master skills that can be immediately applied in your work, discover a shared language of experience design, and build a new network of partners, peers and potential customers. We also practice what we preach, designing a conference that makes interaction fun, safe and easy for all participants.

Because participation can be scary. Talking to strangers is challenging. Receiving attention is hard. Doing new things can feel terrifying, even when what you’re being invited to do looks fun or really important. Most of us need help to step out of our comfort zones. We need alibis for interaction. And if participation is the challenge, then experience design is the answer!

Let’s gather in one place, say that experience design is an industry, share what we’ve achieved and how, and then go back out to change the world.

Read more about the programme here and about the speakers here.

Is This For You?

Are you working with human interaction, participation or narrative experiences? Does your work involve creating customer behaviours or emotional responses? Making sure people understand how they are expected to interact with each other, with your product, your service or your community, and then empowering them to do so? This conference is for you.

Do you design interaction between humans and digital interfaces? This conference still might be for you, but our prime focus is on how humans interact with each other – a process that can, but doesn’t necessarily, involve digital media.

Since experience design is not yet recognised as a field, your business card probably says something different.

Perhaps you design games, services, theme parks, or processes, are a facilitator or an event coordinator. Perhaps you curate art in galleries, talks at a conference or even worship in a church.

In the public sector, you could be working with participatory democracy or destination management. You might produce interactive theatre, create pop-up dining or entertainment, run a festival or a club night, or make relational art.

In all of these fields we are facing the same challenge: getting our audience – our customers, our visitors, our citizens – to dare to participate. To move from interest to engagement. That’s why we should meet to learn from each other.

Experience Alibis for Interaction on November 11, 2016 in Malmö, Sweden. (20 minutes by direct train from Copenhagen airport).

All talks will be in English.