About us

Alibis for Interaction started as a collaboration between three small companies who work with similar tools in different fields. For 2015 we are proud to welcome two collegues from Malmö City Library to the production team.


Based in Malmö, Sweden, Participation | Design | Agency creates experiences and live events based on interaction and immersion design for museums, festivals, municipalities and transmedia productions. They have produced work for The New Museum (New York), The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles) and The Royal Danish Theatre, as well as transmedia for Caviar Production’s The Spiral, which was nominated for an International Digital Emmy. Some of their own productions include Inside Hamlet at Castle Elsinore and World of Darkness Berlin.

Odyssé’s Bjarke Pedersen is the Programme Director and interaction designer for the Alibis for Interaction Masterclass.

Odyssé’s Johanna Koljonen is moderator and director of theory of the Alibis for Interaction Masterclass.


Briza maxima AB

Based in Malmö, Sweden, Briza Maxima AB employ narrative design tools to create events, processes and parties that are strong and meaningful experiences. Their complex nightclub experiences Carnevalesque: Retrostylish Extravaganza and Velvet & Pearls Ladies’ Club are changing the nightlife in Malmö, and their intimate Nördcafé (”geek café”) nights transform what could have been a lecture series into community-building platforms for dialogue and learning.

Briza’s Luisa Carbonelli is set and location designer at the Alibis for Interaction Masterclass.

Briza’s Rebecka Eriksson is sales, networks and sponsorhip director of the Alibis for Interaction Masterclass.