Two-Day Masterclass For
Designers of Experiences

The third annual Alibis conference is coming up
October 22-23, 2015!

Andie Nordgren: From User Focus To Participation Design

Shifting an organisation from ego-centric business models to a user-centered mindset is hard work. But it’s not enough. To match the real needs of the co-creative consumer/citizen/visitor/audience, stepping to a third level is absolutely necessary. That third level is designing for participant agency and for the participants’ interactions with…

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Image from Oscar Raby's Assent

Into the Rift

The Oculus Rift is the most-hyped immersive storytelling medium of our time and with good reason – this virtual reality helmet actually delivers on the promise of the 1990s that we would one day step into digital environments with our entire bodies.

At Alibis for Interaction, our friends…

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